A baby taking faltering steps into the world of blogging for the very first time, having dithered and delayed for way to long, I realised technology is not the demon it portends to be to some of us. Stumbling and turning away on many occasions, the auspicious day, hour and moment seems to have arrived. And the re-assuring words on the page that encouraged at every reluctant step made me realise blog building is friendlier than the not unknown neighbourhood grocer. It was a few hesitant clicks that have introduced me into this amazing world where sharing of thoughts and an exchange of ideas leaves you enriched and pining for more. Dedicate an impromptu poem to share my now surging joy:

Anxious and intimidated no more

I await excitedly, what’s in store,

For an enthusiastic newbie writer,

Undoubtedly, a conscientious fighter:

Oh odds! I am even with you!



  1. Welcome into the wonderful world of words which we have always found so fascinating:) will wait more wonderful poems like this one. And thoughts. And views . And ideas………


  2. Beautiful. Love your untainted use of words – prose as fluid as poetry. Keep going….does not matter whether you are confined in a brick and mortar building or have transcended into another world. As long as your imagination flows and thoughts fly….


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