The rains! The Mumbai downpour! Just rained in, a washed out weekend, made interesting with piping hot mugs of coffee and cookies and the new intrigue and fascination- the itch to write, to post on my nascent site.

Staring out of my large windows, I face the challenge thrown at me by the looming, swirling clouds which mock me in their dark gravity, whispering to me in a mocking tone to step out and receive their watery form in a quiet embrace. Demure, I smile sheepishly at them, pretending I haven’t really understood their challenge but defiantly refuse to acknowledge defeat. My thoughts and dancing fingers keep me from accepting this dare.

My thoughts transport me to a world lost in time, shrouded in the web of increasing memories; a world  which reverberated with cackling laughter and crackling paper boats as they bobbed up and down in the splash puddles whose chocolate presence lured, beckoned invitingly. The innocent, who rushed eagerly with the proud  product of their craftsmanship tenderly held in their hands, bend down to place them int he freshly created mini ponds. Paper-boat races, tossing pebbles, jumping, splashing right in the midst of the gooey splendour of newly made tiny water bodies were the hallmark of the days. Wondrous amazement stared down at the rainbow hue created by dots of hydrocarbons that had found their way out of the parked vehicles. Little fists encircled the colours only to find them slipping away between the young fingers. Bubbly laughter vented the air and gleeful chuckles were backed by tiny claps of pure joy. Clouds, well they belonged just there, to the distant skies and the more they lurked in the greying skies the more we stood firm in our innocent defiance relishing every moment of this nurturing season. Flowers, leaves, grass blades and tin roofs sparkled in their bathed appearance. A new sense of vigour seemed to be evident in their manner.

The diamond sparkle of a tiny leaf  catches my eye.My China Rose plant and its gentle sashaying, its potted presence brings me back to  the present.The encased, enclosed mini garden strip helps me feel closer to Nature. It is this patch of earthen pots and plants that help me remain myself in the encircling embrace of brick and mortar monstrosities that tower around me and ironically house me too! The clouds, well they aren’t the real threat, are they?


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