With colleagues gregarious, bubbling assertive and easy going;

Crabby, irritable, foul, ill tempered amidst family-how ironic!

A contrast- could it be the same person or a split version (you wonder)

What creates this disparity, gives birth to this unbelievable contrast?


At home insulting, offensive, rebuking, abusing and wounding.

But at work big-hearted, kind, benevolent, tender and loving.

Is it circumstances, situations that bring forth this division?

Or the Janus in us that brings forth the  disproportional difference?


The two faces that stick out in opposite directions,

Conflicting, confusing, mystifying and baffling!

The eastward facing bright is radiant and compassionate,

Having seen the vivid light, is oddly luminescent.


Faust glares, stares away from the conflicting end.

Contrary to the positive is this face turned westward

Away from the sun, deprived of true radiance, it sees

Nothing but darkness and is viciously malevolent.


The Same? One? Alike and comparable? Unlikely!

Could it even be probable that there isn’t a distinction?

The god of transitions sports a different, altered look

When Janus headed we trundle all our life through.

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