Give back to Nature. Give more and worship with guilt-free fervour of taking away from the natural beauty around us which would be preserved, actually enhanced as well. And then the advantage of worshipping and maintaining connect with the vighnaharta throughout the year, all seasons, every month,each week, daily.

This year let us revel in an evergreen Ganpati as we usher him into our lives, to stay with us, always. The Lord would live with us in the form of a plant which would grow, nurtured and tended by us gently, lovingly. The path to be taken has been laid before us by the artist in Lower Parel, Mr. Dattadri Kothur, the 30-year-old art director. It is he who has developed an idol of Bappa morya which will grow into plants once the festival is over, Wouldn’t the celebration continue? The celebration of life itself!

A dual benefit, it will prevent water pollution as well as make green our now near concrete landscape. Isn’t it pertinent that the idol has been lovingly nicknamed ‘Tree-idol’?The clay statue which holds seeds within it will be watered after the festival to slowly melt into the very earth which was used to fashion it. Saplings will gradually rise out of the seeds that would emerge from their earthy cocoon to blend with the soil. A simple, nature friendly worship which would bring us closer to Nature and thus to its Creator too.

Our beloved  Ganpati would gaze benevolently at us, taking care of the obstacles of pollution- the sapling having blossomed into a tree. This woody plant would offer respite from the heat-that of the luminous sun and of life. Our lovable, adorable Lord Ganesha will erase the obstacles which we have been laying in our own paths. Welcome to our lives, O! Vighnaharta! Ganpati Bappa Morya!


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