With the ear drum shattering rising decibel each year, all festivals seem to be taking on a cacophonous note, way beyond one’s ability to bear. Undoubtedly the revelry is synchronous with the fervour but is it synonymous with noise? Can there ever be any joy in playing music at volumes that even human ears can’t tolerate what to say of pitch sensitive creatures as dogs? Or again the fire crackers which go full throttle in their noisy splendour seem to be doing good to only section the sellers. To us they gift excessive sound pollution and air pollution too. To the fauna around us-the birds, the cats, dogs and like, who do not share the same enthusiasm as us in such ventures it’s akin to a torture chamber from which there is no escape.  Like many of us they long for quieter times but unlike us they are oblivious of the reasons for such merriment that goes beyond mirth. Be it Ganapati season or Diwali, birthdays or wedding season my pet, Max pants a dozen or score questions at me looking at me with inquiring eyes as if asking,” mum when will this noise, that I can hear way louder than you can cease?”  Another question that drips from his eyes, “Is there a need for this? Why is this happening mamma?” And my response is merely, “Don’t worry it will be fine. I’m sure you’ve gotten used to it in the decade you’ve made the world of mortals your own.”

Well he seems to heartily disagree and I am left feeling embarrassed to be a part of a growing breed that seems to declare noise equals joy and celebration. The louder the better and it seems like a battle out there,- How come our sound is softer than our neighbours? Rev it up to show Sound Power!

Often, Max and I collectively wonder about those in the vicinity and closer proximity of the processions. I often reflect if any of the worshipped would enjoy such a fate. Lord Ganapati would be happier to have smaller ears so that the boom box placed next to him loses some of its explosive effects. Bappa could even be silently praying for relief and registering an unheard protest No more!. Chant sweetly my praises so that I can enjoy the Saraswati in each of you. Think of me not yourselves, not about what you think gives you joy but what would be a dignified way of offering prayers and showing regards towards me. I can most distinctly read the Lord’s mind and so learn of his unsaid wishes. A community feeling, a sense of brotherhood and amity is the objective behind our celebrations.  To pay respects, express gratitude and share joys of success with our Maker is the goal we achieve. This couldn’t be possibly done with blaring loudspeakers, boisterous celebrations and raucous riot of crackers.

Come September and we are close to the Joy of Giving Week. Let us together relish the joy of giving- Giving kindness to ourselves, offering kindness to other living inhabitants of the earth-the birds and the beasts, being considerate to the Gods above who have given us in abundance. It’s time to shower on ourselves peace and tranquillity so that love pours in cascades and manifests itself in our worship, the true way of worshipping- melodious chanting and offering reverence.

Have a heart; let it beat! And the jarring noise, let it rest!



  1. Yes, so true. Max like others of his kind have a terrible time during these processions and noisy revelry. The relevance of it all is lost on me, so I can well imagine what Max is questioning you about. I wonder if we can display our love and emotion towards our favorite deities in a more “non-abrasive” way- by displaying care and concern to all, humans and other living creatures….


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