It’s a rainy day and all we’ve seen is the grey, overcast skies which seem unrelenting in their generosity as they send down cascades of rain drops which glint like pearly diamonds from my 13th floor window. Soft, delicate flake-like these raindrops seem to drift as a bounty from the heavens above. Brave, they descend steadily, as if breaking their fall or even enjoying the journey till they reach their destination, the lap of the mother earth.

It is this bravery that made me break free from the mildly phobic approach towards the few social, professional media that I occasionally engage with. Go on, go headlong, you can do it urged the raindrops and without a second thought I gently tapped the accept button for not one, two but three platforms! As valiant as can get! All in a day, in fact seconds and to think of it I had refrained from it for days for fear of an imaginary backlash of sorts.

Well one can’t really scoff at me as I go back to the days when social connect meant a trunk call for which you waited for anything from a few hours to a few days eyeing eagerly the contraption called a telephone, ready in a springing pose to grab the receiver the moment it stirred to life. Or again wait with the enthusiasm of a first timer at anything for that letter from a family member or bosom pal for an entire week or more! Or the simplest of all, just walk across to a pal closer at hand for a face to face, no book involved! Wouldn’t this world of instant connect and disconnect be a little intimidating if not an inexplicable black hole?

So, if anything, I have the rain drops, the incessant showers and the rain God to thank for stirring in me the strength to take on a world which I understand, but not entirely. It’s something I hold in awe, almost reverence and feel that’s its delicate crystal ware that ought to be admired from a distance but not really touched unless by gentle fingers.

It is these docile fingers that look ahead to your response to their feverish pitch as they skip across the keyboard, unabashedly sharing their strengths and discrepancies. So, do respond, answering with your heart and soul for the mind often tricks and leads to where you wouldn’t wish to tread!


  1. We gather strength from nature and get motivated by simple things:) I think it’s important to be open to these little signals and messages the universe gives us. Go on and be encouraged by the raindrops and the flower buds and the leaves of the wonderful trees.

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  2. Reblogged this on write- share-communicate and commented:

    Cyclone! Typhoon! Torrential Rain! Washed away the cobwebs that cling to my memory, reminding me of this post, among the first few as a blogger.
    Thanks Sharda and Didi for appreciating it. Thanks Shanta and Ameena for leaving your footprints. Do hope you return.
    Hope to meet more folks this time!


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