Smart! That’s what one ought to be to match the rapidly upgrading tech world which vomits a new device each day, literally. Does man change at the same speed? Can he keep pace? Sure, he can! Those born as digital natives, opened their eyes to see this world of technology around them. They certainly ride quick. But the pillion riders, like me? Well we just cling to the driver and choose to be driven around. No point losing the grip at a tricky turn or a bump which might just see us flying away back into the world which we came from, a world that once was and can never be. It’s the case of sailing along to stay afloat or be archived in the books of time under the category- Outdated. Archaic is something everyone dreads. Isn’t eternal, immortal better? – the key to being remembered for times to come.

So, to stay adrift I have chosen to learn – a trick here, a strategy there. And has it helped me transition? It sure has. Upgrading mode would define me better, I wish to declare proudly. In a short span, I have graduated from a basic Nokia mobile phone to an Android. Couldn’t have done better, could I? For a person who till date defiantly calls my Nokia more than proficient in its primary role-communicating, I have transitioned smoothly! I am wiser and have changed with the times. Something smarter, an HTC Android, now adorns my unsure hand. Shouldn’t a phone just remain that- a calling device and at the most send instant messages? Does it really have to take smart pics of me as and when I demand or sing to me or even give me directions when I presumably feel lost. And again aren’t signposts there to help me out and if unused, they would be hidden behind the heat and dust created by the road users. Or I could even resort to the good ole way of waving at a passer-by, exchange a greeting with him, perhaps a smile too and be shown the way. I could be speaking to the prospective love of my life or a friend who would help me in distress! Well, all this was then in “those were the days my friend” times. I ought to stay abreast. Now, a proud owner of a smart, sleek, Android, I have made it look beautiful with its outer jacket, which keeps it safe in my butter fingers. I flash it around, with the nagging fear of someone asking me some questions about it’s various features. But people are kinder than I had imagined.

My smart phone is not the only updating my life has undergone. I have bought a laptop which can do yoga! I wish it could help lose the pounds I am gaining. Can’t make much sense of this one either. Yoga, truly! Simple, functional desktops or uncomplicated laptops is what I’d go with.  I continue to explore this device but each day I try to have a conversation with it, it speaks a different language. Language person yes, but multi-lingual, spare me that one please. A document that I have merrily shared my thoughts with suddenly disappears into the Cloud! Now how do I ascend to retrieve it? All my hard work gone up in the air, Just like that. Puff! A magician’s act!

I would like to don that cape- that of a magician, when my TV plays up, acts smart. Well it is supposed to be just that- Smart. It, happily instructs me when to watch a show, where to go for a news telecast or a talk show that will me teach me anything but how to converse in a civilised manner! And all this without so much as lifting my rear off the couch. What luxury. Such convenience! Gone are the days of messy, uncooperative knobs. Enjoy from a distance, barely moving the edge of an index finger. Easy as it gets. But that’s not the end. And this everyday man, sorry woman has been told that she has more in store. A smart home awaits, where all your tasks will be done at the flick oops tender touch of a button from outside the house, all without making a wee bit of effort, through dictated commands. Wow, a smart house too. But can I handle this one? Will this one show me my true place in this world of gizmos whose jargon is gobbledygook? Mmmmmm I have thought of the smartest thing I could do- Make a smart exit and KISS (Keep it Simple…..Silly).

Clipart Panda


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