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A poem that was accepted and posted on a poetry festival website. To read click here.

Prefer to watch the video presentation? Click here.

Love profound, how amorous it sounds!

It’s a radiant sunflower that blossoms to smile.

In love, you’re a lily that sprinkles radiance and light.

Like the gambolling lamb, soars your spirit and mind.

Liveliness, a sparkle -hitherto not seen- come your way.

Contentment, blissful harmony and giddiness make you sway!

A spring in the step, a twinkle in the eye and a glowing face belie

 Your complacent demeanour; whilst Cupid you & your beloved ties.

How perfectly, how accurately his arrows find their mark

Your heart is left wounded, but ne’er does it show a scar.

Sighs, whisper of sweet nothings and a pounding heart reverberate

For you embrace, profess undying love and plentiful vows make!

It is mirth and merriment that you flash on your brow

As you strut around nimble footed, feeling sound’ n secure!

Unsatisfied, insatiate, unrestrained, your passion does soar

Fancy takes flight; in the new found treasure you gloat.

You rise to a crescendo, exhilarated and over the moon

Flying, surging and ascending in love as if in a swoon.

 A saint reveres his Almighty; so you dote on your love

Worship, take oath of fidelity, and offer solemn vows galore.

Promises of being truthful, reliable, honest and caring

Of sincerity, stability; support and strength are in the making.

Profess undying love and take an oath to be true,

While all this lasts it seems as fresh as dew- oh so new!

Oh love, O divine devotion- so fanciful yet fulfilling,

Could you, would you take flight and dissipate -all too soon?


  1. Oh to be in love…..
    love the line: a saint reveres the almighty ,so you dote on your love….
    Your poem left me with a floating sort of feeling, gentle on my mind:)


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