Begin the year on a new, more generous note. Be compassionate. Be loving. Care.

Kindness makes you rich. Rich with emotions of the kind that make you feel good about being a human. A good deed, a gentle word win’s hearts. It brings smile to sad faces. And that is a wealth difficult to acquire. 

But charity begins at home.

So, Step 1: Be kind to yourself: Haven’t met the target? Unable to meet expectations? Don’t indulge in self- flagellation. Won’t get you anywhere. A better way is to re-route, re-define. Perhaps what you have in mind needs more time, a little guidance, some help. Take these and find yourself doing great. A softer, gentler approach stands out in the world of noise and clamour.

Before being kind to others, be so to yourself.

Feeling good? Now take Step 2: Offer help, be generous: Once you feel good about yourself you can begin to offer help to others, who need it. So, how could you help?

  • wear a smile. It might help a person approach you. It makes you help-worthy!
  • do a good deed. Help carry a basket, offer a flower or a kind word to someone waiting long but in futility for that friend who does not arrive.
  •  lend a willing ear and listen to someone who wishes to talk.

Wish to learn more? Watch this.

Confident it works? Move to Step 3: Indulge all day long in random acts of kindness.

You really don’t need to know a person to be kind to her/him. Being caring is an attitude. Wear it all the time for it returns to you too. I remember one early morning when rushing to work I managed to help an unfamiliar person whose wares had splattered on the road. My turn to receive arrived when a stranger on the same street waved a public transport (autorickshaw) for me saving me loads of time.  Grateful, I hopped in and made it in time to my workplace. Be a raktivist.

Wow. You are doing great.  A leap-Step 4: Forgive and forget:

Holding on to grudges, hurts and past pain is a pain. Forgive, forget for this helps you be kind to yourself and the those who have hurt you. Toss that burden off your shoulder and discover a spring in your step. Understand that misunderstandings mixes-up the generous you. Don’t let that happen. Let misgivings rest and see how the smile returns to your lips and in turn to those around you. Be kind.

And the final one. Step 5: Don’t judge:

Understand folks around. Slip into their shoes and walk around to feel exactly what you think they would. That’s what Atticus Finch suggests in To Kill a Mockingbird. Would you like to be talked about negatively? No. So, don’t indulge in that.  Kill people but with your kind-heartedness. Bombard with little bombs of kindness. They would explode only to diffuse the delicate fragrance around, helping transmission. Be good for you only live once! Living right is essential, isn’t it?

It’s that time of the year again when we make resolutions but my break hearts. At this new bend, resolve to mend,  heal them with kindness.


Image Source: Random Acts of Kindness








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