Often, I wonder what communication would have been like when no words existed. Imagine the world of Neanderthals, the ice age humans, and Mesolithic age ones. Try to visualise how they must have communicated ideas that struck them. To express joy or pain that they wanted everyone around to know of.  All I can think of is sounds and some vocal chord exercise that may have been speech sounds to them and gibberish to us. But communicate they must have in their own way just as all creatures do in their own lingo which we do not understand.

I paused to reflect for a moment, in the absence of structured language if they would have caused any emotional or physical hurt to those around them. If they did, how would they have redressed the wrong done. I mean, I don’t think they knew the word sorry, did they? Yet again, while hunting if one of their kind saved their life during an animal assault, would they have known how to express gratitude. Umm were they familiar with the expression ‘thank you’ which would have expressed their gratitude. Most likely NO. Not to deny the fact that they would have communicated their feelings somehow-gesture, throaty sounds, anything. But the magic words, well we need to thank the creators of language per se for these. Words that would help build bridges, reduce anguish, enhance joy. Chaucer and then Shakespeare have led us to the modern version of the Queen’s language. It continues to evolve, adding new words to the dictionary placating those who belong to the digital era of rapid Kangaroo progress.

But can any other word match the beauty and brilliance of the two wonder words which encase a magical potential? Thank You! Sorry! Two expressions that categorise us as sensitive, civilised beings who believe in the accommodation of interests. Community living is about that isn’t it? Step on a toe, hurt a sentiment and regret the error? No problem. No need to waddle in misery. Five alphabets strung together into a simple word could make a world of difference. SORRY! will break down the fence/wall created. Questions like why should I be the one saying it? Why should I apologise are the biggest barriers to a relationship. The Ego stands tall and continues to shadow, preventing us from saying the magic word. And that word is important. Important to restoring peace, crucial to mend the broken relationship. It works like an ointment on an injured heart, a bruised self. It helps to make amends.

On such occasions, it’s best we let the ego just “go”! Sustenance of a valuable relationship should supersede the ego bit. Breaking a heart is easy but mending it requires work and a simple though difficult ‘I am sorry’ helps the cause.

Another builder of sorts is the second magic word. Helped by someone in a task? Big or small, gratitude  goes a long way in showcasing us as considerate beings. Thanks! Thank you! Couldn’t have manged it this well without you! Anything. Whatever we have the time for. We mustn’t forget that the person has out in time and effort to help us out. But for the help offered we may have been in a tight situation. Shouldn’t this help call for an acknowledgement? A sense of gratefulness! And that wouldn’t kill us, now would it? It’s sure to bring a smile to the helping person’s face.

Quite often, at the end of my class I thank my learners for having heard me. I carry a hidden hope of a reciprocation too. If an error, I apologise for I am a human first and foremost. It doesn’t matter that I am elder to them or designated higher. Well, if I wouldn’t do it, I can’t expect my learners to do the same. It would be unfair to expect, when I don’t give!

So, let’s continue the year 2017 on a giving note. Let’s create magic with re-built and strengthened relationships. Let’s stir the kind being within us. I begin with me. Readers-SORRY it took me so many words to say this. And THANK YOU for stopping by to read and for leaving a comment.




  1. A very good, sensible and meaningful piece which sweetly reflects upon core issues of human relationships and co-existence. Verbal communication among human beings (and,other creatures too) is only a part of the total package called communication. Gestures play a more vital part in effective communication and our eyes play the most important part in this sphere.What one communicates through his/her eyes makes all the difference. Nevertheless, the significance of THANKS and SORRY has been very properly and accurately pointed out by you. Congratulations!


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