A window to the world beyond

Morning mist is shaken out of its haze.

Hum of the metropolis stirs the reluctant resident awake.


Hammering din of construction, the bellowing TV,

Importunate drone of washing machines, frosty whisper of the AC.

Echo of the invisible neighbour’s door as it slams shut,

Perhaps, announcing candidly it never would open to us.


Clattering rickshaws, honking cars, roaring motorcycle

As they rush hurriedly and relentlessly speed past

Robotic elevator whine as it groans up or slithers down

Bearing busy machine men, each one sporting a frown.


Sluggish city then grudgingly stretches awake

She, unwilling recipient, of the onslaught of the day.

A regular rhythm can be sensed in her daily grind

While lovingly, she beckons the denizen to her embrace.


The belligerent buzz, consistent whine helps each one

To ascertain he is alive, alive to the whirring motion around

But hark, is there a missing sound? Can you and I hope to hear it again?

The throb of a loving human heart that seems to have gone underground!


Camaraderie, companionship, closeness and concern

Are rarer than Platinum; scarcer than what we could lament.

Families, friends each to love, care and commitment are unknown.

Insensitive they move, toiling at their tedious, everyday chores.


Having long forgotten, it was LOVE from which did spring life,

When Adam became lonely and sought a wife.

God’s first creation, then found company in Eve,

Together they inhabited Paradise, resplendent in peace.


Neither experienced sadness, nor lacked heavenly sensation

Thus they lived on, till they gave way to wicked temptations.

The first man and woman thrived till they sowed the seed of ambition.

Ever since, what has taken over earth? – COMMOTION OVER EMOTION.


So it goes on, to this day- Seeking, thirsting for more we scour the earth

Barely alive, just about breathing; Oh! what is this entire clamour is for?



  1. Lovely, intimate, compassionately holistic word-picture of humanity pointedly lamenting the pollution of its core values under the onslaught of technological juggernaut propelled by ambition powered by greed. Another sweet write-up.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Commotion over emotion:) how eloquent. Time flies here, in the urban set up. Even Sunday is spent in a flurry of activity. Catching up on the chores of the week , so that we begin the grind once more on Monday. The pattern doesn’t alter much.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Indeed Barely alive! It is sad that I too have become part of this commotion. Thank you for writing this. Time to bring about some changes to become alive again!


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