I silently think

Without a blink

Should I give

Education a miss


So much is made

Of this intellectual space

Which one can’t escape

If life one must make


But then I wonder

My thoughts asunder

What education was like

In the ages gone by


When newton sat

And an apple fell smack

Triggering a ping

His thoughts took wing


Or da Vinci held the brush

And the colours did rush

Ending in splendour

Which we admire in wonder


Columbus explored to learn more

Unfamiliar with what was in store

Education he found

In what was around


Our very own super being

Indian by heart & mind

Abdul Kalaam’s brilliance

Did astonish the world of science


The star midst eleven

His siblings he surpassed

Honour to his homeland

This simpleton brought


For these humans and more

Education began outside

Stepping into the world

Gave them knowledge (b)right



They shine in the firmament

These well renowned folks

Rarely a school they attended

Not a word learnt by rote


Then why are we making

Young lives miserable

Placing them in chairs

Which close to kill.


Lessons and exams,

more lessons more exams

the cycle goes on

placing each in a spot


the teacher the taught

are partners in crime

seeking to (l)earn more

from this deceptive dime.


Mushrooming colleges

Coaching institutes

Are means of livelihood

But living itself misconstrued


Learning is no more about

Finding your way

Managing, manipulating

each happily holds sway.


Publicity, money

Are what matter most

Learning is at an ebb

What else is in store



Innocence Childhood. Adolescence

Each lost in their prime

Education at a colossal cost

Humanity is on the decline





  1. SHABASH! Very meaningful lines.Being a sensitive,creative soul, you have expressed your cry on the disconnect between what is doled out inside the classrooms and the core concerns of humanity.Fact of the matter is that the word education is widely misconstrued. What is ‘taught’ inside the classrooms with the help of prescribed syllabus, is only information. It has nothing to do with education which is acquired outside the classroom in life in the wide world in the manner, as pointed out by you, of Columbus and Newton.Education is exploration of Nature inspired by human instinct of curiosity and pursuing dreams with courage.

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