Yes. You’ve read it right. I received the hammering of my life this morning when I visited a strongly recommended, but much deferred physiotherapist for the first time ever. My life of 2 scores and ten has been by and large healthy. So far, the apple has managed to keep the doctor at bay. But a Chartered Accountant couldn’t be resisted!

To come back to the knocking with a deceptively innocent looking hammer- did I enjoy it.  I sure did. Ironical? I did, not because of affectations due to my enhancing age. I am no-where on the verge of senility- forgetfulness, well that’s for another day and a single post may not be enough! So, what made me have this strange but eventful encounter. I had become a victim of my own muscles which had been bothering me for quite a while. No I didn’t flex them, am more of the cowering kind. It just happened, how so many things happen around us- like love at first sight!

It was strong recommendation of my ortho that led me to this enthusiastic lady who had made hammering errant folks er muscles and ligaments into expected shape her profession. And how well she did. Reminds me of Byron’s “She walks in beauty” amended. (She walks hammer in hand). Well she made hammering a good business and while she was at my left shoulder I wondered if I was malleable enough to be moulded as per the craftsmen’s will in this case my physiotherapist. A minute or two of constant hammering along my shoulder and arm was quite soundless unlike the construction sounds that hound us all the while in the maximum city. Magical too for the nagging pain seem to have mostly eased of. My misbehaving muscles had been put into place much like the errant student who in days of yore was shaped and disciplined by the stick wielding school teacher. Well not every hammering is harmful. (Wish we would answer the one in our head when it calls us to the obvious, the right.) Each played it’s part and here I am carved into a decent being by my teachers and relatively pain-free thanks to my physio. A pain myself? Now that’s a question I leave to my readers to answer. (I hope to remain pain-free!!)


  1. I love reading your blog ,Bindu. It brought back memories of my frequent visit to the physiotherapist for my knee pain.
    The humour in your writing is what I enjoy most.
    Keep writing .

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