Adoring eyes follow me across the room. I smile back to hear a loving, lovable cooing, gentle movement of tiny fingers and tender feet- a response. A warm glow envelops the room, a quiet sanctity, an aurora of pure, pristine love brings radiance to the tranquil ambiance. The untold joys of being a mother. The glory of motherhood through the years as parent eyes watch closely the rapid transformation of a bundle of ecstasy to a mischievous energy packed toddler, a strapping teen and a youth ready to take the first step into an unprotected world. Your arms have meant the beginning and ending of the world, but no more. The fledgling must fly. The bird must soar to attain new heights and discover new worlds. Is that how all similar journeys begin and culminate?

22 years and growing. A young man. A little baby. A naughty boy. A secretive teen. Could all these be the same person? A part of my being?

Of course! What else. Images from the past flash before the ‘inward eye’ as, a mother unfurls her emotions and memories of this youth who would take a step forward into the world of further education, a profession. Haven’t we all been through this and others would too? A timeless journey! So why this blog post about a mother and her offspring?

It’s just to make the commonplace seem not so common, for the bond that is the most sacred of all-two beings one body till the umbilical cord is snipped. But that doesn’t stop the core, the essence to remain the same. This piece a tribute to my son, all sons, an acknowledgement of every mother-son bond that cannot be snipped with the biological cord. It goes beyond. Distances do not curtail; differences do not build a chasm. Such is the strength of a mother-child connection. Gurgling laughter, mischievous glint, innocent pranks and more play before my eyes like a film that began more than two decades ago. It goes on taking newer narrative and emerging plot but the characters remain the same. The stories would never change now, would they?

A note to all you folks ready to take wing- young men & women, good wishes and as you soar to newer heights’, look down and you will see the same loving face looking at you with the same caring eyes.

Ah the fun, the tangy sweet joys of being a mother. Indescribable connection!



Inexplicable bond.



  1. Lovely,sweet and tender Ode to Motherhood. Every birth of a child is a miracle wrought by Mother Nature through mother and the bond between the mother and the child is the bedrock of human civilization and culture.You have affectionately and comprehensively viewed the growth of a child into a human being in which mother’s love and care are the main elements of nurturance. An excellent piece. Shabash!

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  2. Fantastic piece of writing, Bindu. Reading your blog made me travel to our times spent together at Lucknow. I am feeling the same emotions with my Son who is going to enter his teens soon. How fast they grow up!!

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