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“How lovely!” Several delightful likes! “You write so well, just my thoughts in your blog.”

Such kindly motivating words.  Thank you. ever so grateful to each one who takes time to visit the blog, read it and even post a comment. Invaluable! I am a little kid at heart who needs that motivation, a slight nudge, a kind word, a teeny-weeny bit of praise and I am on a roll. Now, have I let out my secret or do I have more in store? Are my kind visitors tired or are they too polite and would rather not comment otherwise? Disparaging ones do singe. Ouch! No matter what, it is only because of these regular visitors that my blog and I are alive and doing great.

BUT that’s not my moot point. This blog might whine. Can you hear my yelp? I am still waiting for that day-the day when I get my first offer, to write. To write for someone so that I begin earning! My first penny, shilling, rupee whatever you may say from writing “well”. Still hopeful that someone, someplace will accept my pitch-cold yet sizzling with grit and gumption to write. I wait eagerly to contribute effectively to a magazine, newspaper, blog-anything. Just anyone, someone who offers me my first assignment if you are reading this and require a writer AND think I fit the bill, I wait with hopeful eyes for that much awaited connect. Can anyone hear my distress call?

No, no, no!  Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I haven’t been noticed. Acknowledged and even called for a discussion session, several telephone conversations and more discussion till the line went dead-lifeless. No response on further calls. Nope, don’t give up easily. Kept the pitch pace- no reverts. Well, not totally unsuccessful I dare say! I had pitched to a local newspaper. And my articles  were not only accepted but also printed, along with a lovely picture of mine. Got a few reader letters too. But that’s about it. Any talk around paid articles were slowly diverted towards a friendly contribution. The joy of seeing my writings published however was as short-lived as the weekly itself. I gleefully hung on to my tutors encouraging words (am a WB student) that I was building my portfolio and shouldn’t matter if money didn’t arrive. Accepted! (The course does make tall promises though and being a diehard fighter, I am giving a fight back). Writing for the weekly paper has built my portfolio and I am a proud owner of clippings of my hard work along with remnants of the online version. The dossier gains weight with time but my wallet sticks to the stay slim formula! If only, if only my physical self could be my wallet in its current state!

Unfortunately, that’s rule out, so let me file a fresh appeal to anyone out there, who is reading this and feels the need for a writer give this lady her maiden chance to prove her worth (In writing alone, please). See me on my knees? Now isn’t that a grave error of judgement on your part? Just sounding you off that you are missing out on an efficacious writer for your website (have worked on content of this one), article, blog, travel stuff, stories…….

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