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A burst of brightness diffuses the air. Brilliant colours express the joy of a people who welcome spring with a splash of colours- red, blue, pink, orange, green add colour to the grey environment. The festival of colours arrives bringing with it the fragrance and gentleness of spring, its hues. It’s Holi. Time to let colours abound. Time to let these colours seep into our lives overpowering the black which may mark our thoughts and lives. Time to forget the past, forgive the bad, embrace the old as new. Time to transform the environment on the outside and the soul itself deep within. Time to let Krishna and his lively ways into our lives. Time to celebrate the festival of Holi. Time to renew, regenerate, revive! Time to celebrate life and living. Here’s to Holi!  Happy Holi to each one. May colours dazzle each thought and life.


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