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How wonderful to be able to close your eyes and lean on a shoulder! A genuine feeling of being able to trust the person implicitly without having to worry about whether you would be misled or led into an abyss. Is this blind trust? Does it indicate foolishness? Or does it point out that there ought to be folks, at least that one individual (other than yourself) on whom you can rely without so much as having to bat an eyelid. No flicker, just faith! Does such a quality exist? Ummm. Sure it does, you just need to find that right person! I remember of times when trust was a common commodity. In fact, I still do relate with it. Share with me a life event, a happening and I believe you. I don’t see any reason why I should disbelieve. Your tone should be the signal of your sincerity or lack of it.

Oft I have been told “Be smart”. Sure, love to; but what does that actually mean? Is being smart the same thing as acting smart? (quite rampant today) Does being smart mean that I believe only in my abilities and strength and rely only on myself. Can anyone ever truly be self-reliant? Shouldn’t every human look for an emotional anchor so that the humane within him thrives?

Consider the olden days when money did not exist and barter was the best way to trade (some places are experimenting with it again to unclog their life and homes). Did people not rely on each other for goods they could not produce? Another brilliant exemplar is mother Nature. She shows us how one creature depends on another for sustenance. Likewise, we depend on so many others for the fulfilment of our needs. But am I confusing reliance with trust and are they mutually exclusive? Not really, it is faith that helps us to rely. Do we trust the farmer with the produce he provides us with? Do we trust our doctor who suggests a line of treatment? How the Nation entrusts the reign of governance in the hands of a leader. Do we have faith in the institution that nurtures us or the one that accommodates us because of our skills? And we in turn await the reward for our efforts. Certainly, otherwise each of us would be doing our own thing. Reliance comes from having faith in systems and people. On occasions, it could be a matter of compulsion, but that is a kill joy!

Returning to the idea of trusting someone without a hitch being heavenly. Sometimes, just those few times I do want to be led, eyes closed without bothering to think, just as Shravan Kumar led his visually challenged parents till the time he lived. We may not acknowledge but all the above and like are suggestive of having faith, a conviction in those around us, with us. To toss aside the burden of being smart, we ought to stop measuring each word that we hear from another person, or sizing up him up, scrutinising his/her every move like a leopard watching out for the prey. Do we really need to be that knotted up? Wouldn’t it be lovely, not to be on guard all the time, each waking moment so that we can never remain true to one person we owe it all- ourselves?

Long years ago, I had just done that- leaned on an unfamiliar shoulder and dozed off. Just like that. No worry or cares about the consequence. I did reach my destination safely. It had been a moment of unspoken, spontaneous trust. It didn’t need words. It needed no reassurance. It just happened. Call it foolish-mess or blind faith- what you may. But it is such moments that carve eternal memories that are framed in time. Sweet memories of such faith linger and keep my hopes alive so that I continue to regard those whom I come across with a trusting eye.


  1. hmm….this ‘implicit trust’ that we yearn for is such an integral part of a happy society. I found myself in complete synch with your beautifully worded piece.

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  2. Sometimes this sweet n trusting nature can put us into pickles n predicaments. Yet, I do believe that people by and large are good, trustworthy and kind. An odd incident or even bad n unpleasant experiences can shake off that trust , but usually people tend to be nice. Yes, I do wish I meet only those people on whose shoulders I cd happily doze off 🙂 have met several and hope to continue doing so 😊🙏


    1. Sure. But pickles are loved for their tangy taste. And a mixed basket intrigues. Also, see the good, the brighter, it helps. pull yourself from the abyss it might throw you towards, when trust is belied. For methinks it does teach you something new and better.


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