When clarity strikes its stronger that a bolt of lightning and quicker too. The moment has to be grabbed before it slips away.


Clarity visited

It took a while and yet is imperfect.
It is clear … but there are chinks
It would be easy to lose this vision
Get it all muddy and blurred
Like breath on a mirror

But this rare ray,
Let me hang on it it…
Seize it before it vanishes and
Becomes the dust on the window pane on my existence.

She visits so infrequently , fleetingly.
It’s as though a flower bloomed
None witnessed, just the stem who bore it.

A self acknowledgement , needing no praise , no applause but worthy
A quiet blooming in a desert, where nothing grew for a long time
Only cactus in the aridity of ignorance
And the piled up canker of all those careless words spoken by loved ones , strewn without a thought…
Loved ones.

In one swift lightning moment
The light shone .
That one epiphanic moment….

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