A lovely, fluid, from the heart piece from a fellow blogger, author and more. Happy to re-blog.

Didi Oviatt

Everything about a sunny spring day is perfect! Today I dragged my sleepy butt out of bed extra early, just so that I could relax and enjoy myself by the afternoon. I completed all of the tedious little never ending mommy things like cleaning, laundry, and so forth.  I was even able to cook a large healthy breakfast for myself and my kiddoes before dropping my son off at preschool.

Right now, it’s just after noon where I live and its already a BEAUTIFUL day! The sky’s are blue, the air is clear (perks of  NOT living in a big city), and the scent of freshly cut grass is permeating.  That just so happens to be my favorite smell, despite the sneezing and itching of my eyes that goes along with it. I can handle a little bit of allergies, if it means relishing every morsel of the best smell…

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