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No, no ,no don’t get me wrong

This ain’t just another song

About the proverbial dreaded fear

Of the intimidating dental chair!

In fact it is a matter more profound,

When to my dismay I found

Yesterday as I lay on that dental couch

A sheet of paper came betwixt doc and my mouth

It seemed to have some printed matter for assent

But had it sounded my death knell…descent?

When I was expected to accept, or decline

What came across as some promises fine

That wasn’t what made me wonder within

As I stared at the paper with fine print

Half blind without my glasses; no time to spare

Time to give ass-ent and show no despair.

Without batting an eye, I did sign

(Well could any of you ever decline?)

To place your name on that dotted line

Ensuring you left with teeth that shine

I laughed internally at my pathetic plight

When I did the sacrificial altar alight

And pondered if ever a dental chair

Had made one take heaven’s stair!



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