Overpowering emotions leave me too dazed to react…..

               Post farewell……

The sun seemed to have turned hazy at that moment, everything had come to a standstill. All i could hear was my heart-beats and the whispering emotions within. All in a turmoil of joy, disbelief, sadness, uncertainty, bliss!  A surge of emotions, had left me- bewildered!

My last blog post written before the farewell and scheduled in its usual slot had given me an opportunity to rationalise and think logically. Hence the ability to reason out stood strong. Post the event i still bask in the warmth it exudes. More than twenty four hours later- the after effects are heady, humbling. Then, i could not have envisaged the radiating effect of my decision which seemed to have been mine and mine alone- affecting me and my tiny family of three and one! i am still at a loss for words, speechless, but just one seems to loom large, enlarged:


from the bottom of my tiny, insignificant heart towards each one who made me feel so special on the day of my farewell. Grateful and truly humbled is how i feel even now!

Eternally Grateful
Eternally Grateful

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