A big thanks to all readers who have been around reading, viewing, liking, commenting on the posts. A reassurance of sorts- Keep going. We are just round the bend – Waiting. Thank you. It’s your kindness that has kept me going all these months. When i stepped into this tech world with ‘The day I felt Brave’, i wasn’t confident i’d survive. But survive I did, and began flourishing too  when from a now and again blogger I became a regular weekly one. It’s thanks to each of you. Obliged!

My blog, ‘the writing itch’ and i share the magic number- 50 ! Truly happy to have grown in numbers, in skills and adaptability to understand and use tech in writing. Still growing, learning , loads to be learnt and lots to be written.  A wee bit proud too of this achievement, of which i wasn’t sure when i’d begun. Hope to keep growing from strength to strength with your encouragement and support.  THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!