A sizzle? Calm Down!

Anger, fury, rage are strong emotions that are directed at someone on the opposite side with the hope of making them burn, kind of set on fire. But does that really happen? Stop for a moment. Who is the hardest hit? A bit calm now? Better stay that way. It’s hurting only you. The person opposite you may whimper a bit and feel intimidated by your fiery presence but the one to be totally in flames is the angry one-YOU. So, what’s the way out?

5 ways to avoid reaching your point of no control:


1 No don’t count to 10. Just stop dead in your tracks and think! Tickle the brain. Angry about a person or circumstance? Ask yourself- is it about me? Or does it have something to do with her/his life and situation. And I am getting affected by it! How lame!


2.Get a handle on yourself. Replace yourself with the image of the raging bull that has been shown a red rag. Like it? No? then why step into that space? Remain the good-hearted, kind human you are and are meant to be.


3.There’s got to be a lighter side, a funny side. Flip the coin on its face. Turn it around and the picture won’t seem half as bad! See, was being angry worth it’s salt? Lose some steam.


4.Is it the end of the world? Does it look like that’s going to happen? Nope? Then chillax. For all that pent-up heat energy is bound to kill you. Direct it towards a passion. Excel in it. Or use it in saving a life, helping a needy soul, giving direction to someone lost and sense peace take over you. And your anger well you must have read about transference and conversion of energy, now haven’t you?


5.When heat energy is on a high drop ‘h’ and sigh! Are you covering something else- a wrongdoing, a hurt, a shame? Anything? Will all these ease if you blow your top? Don your thinking cap. Be rational. You are logical, too, aren’t you?


Copy, paste this – When simmering, you are at the edge of a precipice-on your toes. Literally! A tiny slip and you would see yourself rolling into that wide chasm of insanity which would make you say/ do stuff you couldn’t undo. Stop your own undoing. Mental, physical, emotional!

Anger is a killer of relationships, an undoing of bonds, a builder of deep hurting chasms. Unwind, step down from the ego pedestal and see how simple life becomes. Transform An-ger to Hun-ger to DO not UNDO!


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