5 reasons why we should stop hating/ despising, detesting, abhorring…….


1. Life is too short. Half way down to the century mark, I realise, I still have loads to do and way to go. Shouldn’t I think about all that I’d rather do than undo by spending time and energy on negatives? Hating comes easy, ummm loving difficult, but way better for us!

2. Time is precious. Truly valuable! And isn’t it obvious each one of us pines for just those few minutes more, an extra hour each day, no matter how well planned we may be? So then, does it make sense to spend time on unpleasant and unhealthy emotions like Hatred?

3. Good stuff is all around us! Beauty awaits. So Plato said- Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Do look at life beautiful. Admire what is around. Precious moments need to be constructively used.

4. Easier on us. How? Hate one thing and everything seems to have a hue of black, nothing seems good at all- people, situations, our job, folks around, even our own aspirations have a halo of black. Uncertainty looms large and negatives abound. And this black is certainly not beautiful. Now, is it?

5. All that build up ain’t good! No, it isn’t. Bottle it and you are like a balloon filled beyond capacity, ready to explode. Or again a timed bomb ready to go off at the slightest trigger. Who is hurt? Who gets hit hardest? Think. And no prizes for guessing this one right.

Quit hating. Begin loving n see the world, folks and situations take a rosy hue.


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