the ugly 5
Image: the writing itch


Dump the baggage!

Feeling low, negative?  Stop! It would affect our well-being both physical and mental. It would make us feel miserable, low on confidence and perhaps lead to a dislike-of self and all around. There’s much twitter about the positives of being negative, but certainly some emotions, when on a downward trajectory, keep us healthier and happier.

1.BEING JUDGEMENTAL: Sizing up folks, from a distance, even before they are given time to prove themselves. In a rapidly changing world, pre-empting seems to be on the cards all the time. “A is going to harm’… ‘B is a crook’, ‘C is totally inefficient.’ Give them a break; Time to adopt and adapt. Jumping to fore drawn conclusions hurts none other than us. Will A, B, or C change? Will they read our mind? But what’s happening with us? Loads of baggage about them, weighing us down! Why? Let each follow their own good happens- conflicts end.

2. FEELING JEALOUS: “Neighbours envy, Owner’s pride” ran an advert several years ago! Totally. Can ‘it’ which happens to be a TV become mine by being jealous?

The exact contrast to 1 is feeling jealous of those better than us. ‘She is so much better at tech than me!’ ‘ He’s so lucky- got it all on a silver platter.’ Used these? Heard them earlier? Well, has it helped ? Made our situation-financial, emotional any which way better? Nope. Then why go there? Aren’t we using our energies in a misdirected effort? And wouldn’t it help if we thought of how we should pave our path so that we may have a chance to attain what we want rather than compete with what others have? Don’t stop competing; stop being jealous. Make it healthy.

3.UNNECESSARY PANIC: And all that breeding jealousy may make us panic. Panic about how slow we are, or how not so good at almost everything. The rush to make it, the alarm that time is running out on us. Well doesn’t it run even more, if all this anxiety stalls our thinking and affects our emotional and mental quotient? Reflect!

4.FEELING INTIMIDATED: Not to omit that all this panic will certainly lead to a sense of fear and foreboding. A sense of being threatened by every obstacle that comes our way- small or big, good or bad. We become like the athlete who runs best when his track is to his liking, smooth and obstruction free. And the thrill of the unexpected at every turn? What of that? Should we enjoy that, learn to take it in our stride, become wiser OR feel intimidated by the threat. Won’t it snowball into something much larger if panic leads to fear?

5.BEING DEPRESSED: Oh oh!  Feeling BAD AND LOW would be the end result of all the above? Lack of confidence because of odious comparisons, a sense of ineptitude, considering every other person/object as a threat, uncalled for alarm! The final nail in the coffin- of our decimating faith and conviction! Feeling down in the dumps- most times could be likened to a situation of hauling an elephant that has slipped into a pit.

Are we that elephant or rather the soaring eagle- confident and rising to hitherto untried heights?



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