the writing itch

My last blog post was about 5 areas related to us as individuals. It elucidated concerns that we ought to consider amending. This week my thoughts stretch beyond us – to the world at large.

(But before I share, wouldn’t individual improvement result in that of the world around? After all, who makes the world?)a. Rising aggression and violence. Road rage: Lack of time, increased panic, stress of meeting deadlines, created by us! A self-created situation wherein each one of us is ready to blow the top at the slightest change from the expected course. Late for a meeting, screech- honk your way through the maze of traffic. Stuck, as if the tar loves the car, curse out loud, have it out with anyone trying to overtake! Can’t spiral our way upwards to get that coveted position in an organisation? Easy! Just step on toes, go nasty, become aggressive. Deadline of a project nearing, rising panic and stress! Unable to match the frenetic pace, vent it- on self/family/pals/colleagues/strangers- just anyone……. Why? Who is accountable for making life the way it is? Changing circumstances& times? But aren’t we the ones who bring that change? Think!

Let’s slow down. Look around for better!

b.Toxins within, toxins without: And all that in built or poured out violence is nothing but toxins. Poison for our system and we see rising lifestyle diseases. Right! Lifestyle! Who has chosen such a style of life? Who made it that way? And the damage we are causing to ourselves, extends beyond in all the waste we add all the time, every breathing moment to the soil, water, air, space, terrain and our minds! To elucidate the harm we are causing to our mother earth, we don’t need my blog. We know it. Rising toxins. Accountable? Think! 

Let’s detox!

c. Rising safety issues: a above and safety are closely interlinked. Inability to tolerate a certain attitude, thought/opinion, writing, community, colour, nation, people…. Gives rise to threat to them. Since they are beyond the domain of our liking, they should cease to exist. Really? But can’t all these have a similar opinion about us and then what’s the result? Annihilation! The extraordinary skills of the humans and humane laid waste. I am sure we all know it wasn’t meant to be this way. Think time?

Let’s learn to accept!

d. Rising aloofness: And since we can’t see eye to eye (c), we either take one or go into a shell. We can’t share, though we keep sharing; we can’t socialise though we are social all the time, we can’t stay happy coz we are pretending all the time. Why? Whose doing? Or rather undoing? Lacking the support, we can’t take what comes our way and a dive off the roof or into water become our refuge. We are in times when the only time we get to know our neighbour is when we take the elevator together. A concern that we need to be concerned about.

Let’s come closer!

e. Lack of resources, fast depleting: Anxious for more than we can savour, we are happily consuming, perhaps even wasting precious resources. No need to think about the next set of folks who would walk the earth when we are gone. Why bother? We won’t be around, so let’s have fun even if it at the cost of water disappearing, earth heating to the reverse point of ice age, soil getting radioactive rich, air becoming mask worthy or even further, requiring artificial respiration means. And to mention food. The coat of butter on our toast thickens as does the clot in our arteries. And still our palate pines for more. Time to think? No?

Let’s go easy.

We are more considerate than we know. We seem to have subdued the voice. That’s it.

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