5 ways of Bliss
the writing itch

Not an easy terrain, but not too difficult either, that’s what my five decade long journey has taught me. To stay in a happy state:

f. Enjoy others success: It is easier to succumb to envy than to accept, acknowledge and appreciate success others have attained, isn’t it? But oh! what joy in appreciating achievements of others. It amounts to sharing- not what we have but what others do. These ‘others’ who are not family members certainly turn out to be bothersome in the appreciation they bring their way because their mannerisms/attitude or behaviour. Don’t they know how to steal the limelight from under our very noses whilst we have been struggling to get there? Exactly! The fact that it is a struggle for us is suggestive that it’s not naturally us and hence we can’t really get there. So, what takes us to that much sought domain? Being true to ourselves and our strengths. In the meanwhile, what should we do? Well a pat on the back of the ‘other’ will certainly ease the burden of despise and envy we carry on our shoulders. And that will let us enjoy with the ‘chosen’ successful one.

g. Give more: Don’t we often feel happy when we are in for a surprise- an unexpected party, outing, up gradation, praise- anything at all- the joy of receiving something out of the blue is always a source of much joy. But, let’s take a moment to think! How about turning into a giver rather than a receiver? Instead of waiting for that ‘irritant’ colleague to greet and smile, just begin doing so. Feel lighter? Yep! Made any difference to our stature? None! That’s the simplest gift one can give. That of a pleasant face. Even better add a few kind words to the smile. Won’t cost a thing, just a bit of effort. Now shift mode to more tangible things-food, clothes, shoes…. /tech devices…. and so on. Experience the fun of thinking what to give, whom to give to and then just give! Yes, give happily!

h. Associate with the small/insignificant: Little things matter most, quite often. There’s more to life’s simple joys than we can imagine. Wish to know more. Read this.

i. Notice/relish the songs of Nature: City bugs yearn for that soothing touch of Nature-patch of green, twitter of birds, sounds of the wind seem to have been submerged under the din of modern living. But, perhaps we need to notice beyond what we can see. Even as I type this blog I can hear the call of the koel, interspersed occasionally by cawing. The greens beneath my window swish to the wind. I can hear the flute seller create a beautiful melody as he walks along. Experience delight!

j. Breathe more deeply: Really? Don’t we do that all the time? Subconsciously it’s part of our biological self. But let’s from this moment become aware of our breath and breathing. Experience the inhalation and exhalation not as a respiratory process, but as an inherent part of us. Deeper breaths mean calmer us! It’s only when we are at ease that we can associate with any of the above- f to i! Soothed we accept others more readily. We associate with the joy of giving. The pleasantness unfurls and Nature’s bounty reveals. Why? We have become tranquil enough to notice and relish.

Bliss is in small everyday matters!


  1. A sweet,meaningful sharing which has significant guidelines for nice life. “Little things (indeed) matter most” is an excellent watchword. Rejoicing in happiness of people around us creates priceless tonic of bonhomie.

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