the writing itch


Identify and stare at your weaknesses: Strange! I begin with weaknesses in an article on strengths! Do read on, I implore.Often, we are told don’t look at your weaknesses, admire your plus points. Don’t allow your negatives to make you feeble. Turn to your strengths. But then won’t weaknesses remain just that, our Achilles heel? Isn’t it better to look at them, address them, work at them and transform them into our strengths. Added strength! More in our kitty of positives which will strengthen us-emotionally, physically, mentally. We will experience a joy of conquering the invincible!

Think before you speak: How about we pause, mull, chew and then share a thought. Only then consider action of any sort! And when we think we consider a variety of angles, aspects. It might slow us down for that bit but if the outcome is great, that works in our favour. It proves to be a time saviour. Look before you leap; think before you speak

Express clearly and confidently: Many a battle is won because of a simple, effective communication. The reverse holds true too. Nobody is a mind reader. If we hope that the person opposite us should understand even before we speak, then we are creating a barrier via poor communication. We ought to overcome our shyness, ego, misgivings whatever it may be to share our thoughts and then VOILA a job gets done, an idea is understood/accepted, a task is accomplished etc.

Accept suggestions/opinions/views: To build this skill we need to give a patient hearing. A contrast to the above. Listen, understand and then choose to accept or reject. Many a times our troubles arise due to our inability to let the person opposite us finish speaking. And we plunge into the conversation, headlong, creating an image of a high-handed and impatient being. We wouldn’t want this now, would we? Listening might just help us walk into a brilliant business proposition or an effective way of functioning. Won’t we be on the losing side if we do not give our ear to what folks around wish to state – loss of new ideas and affected relationship/image.

Take a call: We ought to dream all we like, hear what others have to say, allow our mind to wander the meadows but we must make sure it comes back home-to reality, to truth and to decisions. Speak, hear, agree to disagree all this can go on forever-be it a simple activity like the destination for a family picnic or policy that would impact our business/life. Ceaseless procrastination amounts to inaction. So, arrive at a decision we must. That would be the moment of tranquility too.




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