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The next few blogs are about our eleven-year-old pet who has ensured we rise early and keep on our toes. Thanks to him, we walk often. Though after that he slops for a snooze whilst we continue with our other commitments i.e. continue to be on our toes!

Well this one is about a time when our dog slept right through a near fire situation which occurred in the middle of the night! Ya! Snored through without an inkling that the house may go up in smoke along with the entire family.

Mosquito menace had made us light a mosquito coil (popular in India) before bed time. Tired as each one was, we passed out immediately, while the lit coil found the edge of a blanket my husband was using and began smouldering. As is usual, Max too, was in our room, but totally oblivious of the swirling smoke. This must have gone on for quite a while, for I was rudely awakened by the smell of something burning. Groggy, I opened my eyes, but shut them right back when I thought I was simply imagining! Thought it was a dream in which there were wafting clouds of mist. So? Went right back to sleep! (The carbon dioxide in the room shut for air-conditioning must have risen alarmingly). A few minutes later, what my vision defied my nose refused to accept. This was no Bollywood dream sequence!  I force-opened my eyes, got out of bed and saw clouds of smoke in the room! Steadying myself, I realised it was no dream scene! It was reality striking hard at 2 am! ‘Fire! Wake up! The house is on fire.’ I ran around the room opening windows and door. To my horror, I saw clouds of smoke in the living room too! My screams had pulled the reluctant (perhaps carbon-dioxide saturated) other two out of bed. Though we had inhaled a lot of smoke, the intensity of the situation struck us!  In a trite opened all the windows and yanked the half smouldering blanket from the bed. What was Max doing all this while, you would ask? Ummm blissfully sleeping! We roused him, quickly pushing him out of the bed-room. Thankfully our coastal town had a high tide and on the high floor we lived in, the breeze helped to clear the smoke. Max must have been hit too, but our confidence that he was blessed with a sharper nose went up with (in) the smoke.

I dread to think what would have happened that night if I had continued to sleep in the belief of a dream sequence. Our bundle of joy? Well he gave us more adventurous times! Wait for the next one!


  1. Graphic write-up of an averted catastrophe but what is really very surprising is that your dog’s olfactory system is completely dysfunctional! Max is truly a much pampered dumb chum.


  2. Hey this brings back memories as the almost exact thing happened to us. Yes, the carbon dioxide probably is the culprit as we also kept sleeping through all this and when the room was really thick with swirling mosquito coil fumes, someone woke up and then the situation had to be handled. But we had no Max:) poor soul, he must’ve inhaled so much carbon dioxide that his usually sharp olfactory senses failed him and you guys…..such a darling:)

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