Max 2
the writing itch: ain’t totally lazy!


Well,  this one’s a stark contrast to the previous blog!

Friendly, loving and lovable our pet dog Max loves to make friends, no matter who it is-  pizza delivery boy, courier chap, burglar….Retriever, Rottweiler or stray.. anyone who comes to his door or any creature that sports four canine legs and shows up during his walks. No matter the size, disposition or intent. Max’s ever pleasant demeanour is evident in his wagging tail, even if the response he receives is a snarl or a growl.

At times, we are happy that he is the Buddha of our family-  calm and composed, no matter what the situation. At others, we frown and fret that he may just not bother with aggression even if it were required. Don’t Labradors and retrievers constitute the best dog squads that sniff out dangers and threats? Well not so our Max; he refuses to see peril in anything or anybody. All he does is wag his tail at everything that moves!

Well, not every time! We were in for a surprise one day. Our peace maker had the bite too. Once, after we were parking the car on returning from a Max special long drive, we did not leash him. The adventure began as soon as Max got off. Unfortunately, our parking lot sports many strays who turn aggressive when their territory seems to be taken by an alien, on this occasion, Max. A group of the invaded, growled and showed their fangs. We had expected our angel to merely wag his tail in delight. To our astonishment (and well-concealed delight), he bolted after them, barking fiercely, to show his power and prowess. The quiet one had transformed. ‘Don’t threaten me was his diktat’. Totally out of our control, he chased the strays, who had suddenly turned submissive. And us, we stood by in meek surrender to this new-  found aggression and energy of our pet. This was the day we felt a sense of pride, a happy feeling that if we were under threat, our protector would be close at hand.

Needless to say, our walks became so much easier. Max and family (us) were no longer hounded by a grouped snarling menace. And that wasn’t the end! No sooner than the king majestically stepped into their domain, they were happy to beat a hasty retreat, clear the way-pride and fear evident in their manner and eyes. Such submissive surrender was sweet vision.

Know of any parent who wouldn’t love to flaunt such style and bravado? We walked in style too!


  1. Max is such a darling:) I don’t know if he is influenced by you guys … or you guys influenced by him. But the sweetest family ever. Everybody is seen as a friend or well wisher. Nobody, two legged or four is seen as a threat:) love:)

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