Max 4
the writing itch: most lovable, ain’t i ?


This one’s different. Do read on.

I am afflicted by a terrible mid age ailment  FORGETFULNESS ! I look for keys in the fridge and walk into the bath to pick a fruit when hungry. I stare apologetically at familiar faces, hoping a miracle would help me remember the names and more such. But all said and done there is a picture of Max, that is imprinted in my mind and is not likely to be erased-  ever. And let me proudly inform you, this happened years ago, a decade to be precise. (No being judgemental folks: am not that bad!)

My mother was very sick and I was with her to look after her. My parents lived a few hundred miles away. Hence, mine was a prolonged stay and Max was in the care of my better half and our son. Max about three months had spent little time with us. I did not anticipate much attachment. How incorrect I was in my presumptions!  On returning after what was almost a month, I was amazed to see a much grown, bushy-tailed being rush towards me, yapping wildly in a display of pure affection. Prancing around me, he chose to go a step further. He sprang up on his forefeet and placed a paw on each of my shoulders, giving me a doggy hug! All this while his tail hadn’t stopped swishing. What a welcome it had been! My sadness had vanished momentarily as a generous helping of love served on a platter. Mother and son embraced in a moment of joy. This moment captured in my memory is more glorious than any that I have clicked with my camera. Max love.


  1. Lovely description of unconditional love that pets,especially dogs, are so naturally generous in lavishing on their human friends/care takers. I can fully empathise with you.

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  2. Dogs can give the warmest welcomes, and though I have never had a dog as a pet, my sis in law has a couple and the way they greet us even if we have stepped out for an hour is unbeatable. The swishing tails and the wide grins and the joyful barks!!!!

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