Max 5
the writing itch: innocent !


Have a heart and laugh. Max meant no harm here…..

I had to change the title statement about Max, after this episode. And not to ignore the admonishment I received.

Still in his teething stage, Max would gnaw at anything and everything that came his way. So our dining table, wooden legs of the sofa, our bathroom slippers ….. became souvenirs of his ‘teethly’ presence. Didn’t we give him teething toys or train him?  My suggestion – do get a pup home.

And so it continued, all teething toys- rubber or wooden, squeaky or sound free, attractive soft toy- just anything was only a second-long distraction. An incomprehensible art adorned the furniture in the house. But with time Max seemed to go less max i.e. easy on his teeth and our stuff.

Or so I had felt till that one fine morning when we had to drop our son for a school camp/trip. Unsure whether to confine him to the room of max damages or leash him or best trust him to walk free- the mum in me chose the last one. I fought-vouched for what I thought was his  rising maturity and so we left a locked house at his disposal.

A double whammy of sorts for our golden boy- full freedom and left behind! (Retrievers, I later gathered don’t like this) An open field, Max was spoilt for choice and perhaps took a while before concluding about the softest target in the line of his vision. It was our living room sofa! On return, after a mere 20 minutes or so, we were greeted by cotton-flakes wafting in the air. Thinking, it must be a murdered soft toy, we breathed easy. But a further walk down the passage way stunned us. Gone! Chewed away was an entire sofa seat back and its cushion  meant for sitting. We gingerly tiptoed our way around a combination of what was once tapestry, some sofa filling and cotton and found the centre seat under attack. Max gamboled around us to proudly show off his handiwork (err teeth craft?) which would have put a mouse to shame.

Unsure whether to laugh or cry, I quickly called to attention the fact that the tapestry had gone old and the seats baggy and needed replacement in any case. Max had unintentionally done us a good turn. Next, we did an overhaul of our sofa set which added a touch of glamour to our living room.

Dark cloud? Silver lining? Which one to go by? Leave the choice to you.


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