Travel light
the writing itch: travel time


Travel time is about choices and a lot of palaver around packing. The contents/innards of the suitcase become the prime focus. Such is the trepidation about the bag being shut easily that one tries to be cautious not to carry the unnecessary. This  also leaves scope of picking specialities from the destination we seek. To carry or not to carry- that’s the million-dollar decision.  

And leaving our favourites, a habit, even if it is for a short while becomes a challenge. That smart jacket, the newly bought beach shirt or the best shoes (you want to look good too), sundry find their way into the bag!  We begin with the idea of travelling light, but the internal fight gets the better of us and all sorts of things find their way into the bag which begins to scream (unheard) ‘stop, my belly is ready to burst’. And aren’t we aware that air travel comes with its set of restrictions- the weight one can carry?
With a view to doing my good deed for the day, I decided to help a friend going on a work trip to London. My amazement leapt out of its bounds when I saw her bursting at the seams (er zip) suitcase, which stubbornly refused to follow the diktat of the weight permitted by her chosen airlines. The logical part in me cautioned me, but I decide to go ahead and inspect the contents of her bags!

A combination of horror, amazement and amusement stared back at me as soon as I lifted the cover. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I realised that my work weary pal who couldn’t be bothered with either cooking or grocery shopping, had packed tonnes of fruits and cooked food into the case. An obvious for the access weight and spilling innards. Jabbering to her about the pluses of travelling light and the places to explore in the bustling city, I decided to do what seemed reasonable. The result of my labour? Most of the fruit found its way into her fridge and some of the food into my basket (It wouldn’t last a week now, would it, in a humid city like ours?) And I did need a ‘return fee’ for this early morning labour of mine. Thirdly I was helping her save the money for overweight luggage. So much of good in one stroke, at the start of the day. I couldn’t have felt better. The halo around my head glowed bright.

And the packing. Voila! Finally done. Suitcase zipped shut, weight management accomplished and my friend off to the airport at a time when she would be usually staring at her ceiling.

And the good Samaritan? Well she had baggage now-her thoughts! Homeward bound, I pondered about how much time, anxiety and effort we would save should we just choose to travel light. In every journey that we take; be it to a destination or through life. The baggage of anger, hurt, pain, guilt, remorse, revenge, hatred …and more are pretty much like those unnecessary fruits in my friend’s suitcase. How sorted she was without them! How light she felt, meeting the requirements of suitable travelling! We could do so with living!

Consider it forever- discard the excess baggage. Travel light. Travel happy.















  1. Another very good write-up. Indeed keeping baggage, both physical and mental, as light as possible enables us to have maximum time for enjoying the life.I cannot put it better than the last paragraph above.


  2. Super!! I am rather like your friend , I pack lots and lots of stuff and always stressing about it !! I am always planning to pack light but end up packing too much. I think I will invite you to sort me out like you sorted your friend!!!!

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