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Is giving about the benefactor or recipient? 

Often, we hear about donations. Giving away stuff and resources that we are proud possessors of. Starting with old & unusable like clothes, footwear, books, bags and more to plain, simple money.

Each one of us gives as per ability and desire. And then we feel good about the act. Feel generous, call ourselves caring, and feel a little proud about the fact that we have can give. Ah! I wonder. What is this giving all about? Feeling good about self is the outcome of giving.  Then how is it an unselfish act?

We give because we like to.  We donate freely because we have. We own. But do we ever think what the person at the receiving end needs? Something that would make him her happy? Something that would make the person in need feel complete. That’s when true giving happens. When I give money, the person would use it. And who doesn’t need the green paper. But what if a smile, a warm hug or a kind word was what the person was looking for? Then wouldn’t cheering him add more currency to his life. Would money make him happy? Yeah it would.  But only temporarily. For his greater need was the non- materialistic. He may have been happier with time we devote to him. The ear we give to listen to his woes, the courteous hand we extend or that warmth around the shoulder and moments we spend to ease his loneliness. So, when we give in kind are we doing so to appease our need to give or truly to bring a smile to the receiver’s lips?

If the latter then let’s give more of our love, time and emotion. Possessions money can’t buy or replace.

Do you agree? Or would rather disagree? Am sure there are views you would like to share around this idea. An anecdote, an experience you wish to revisit.  Do share here.

Views and comments are invited and welcome.

In the meantime 2 Ways to give:

Educating a child who yearns to learn.

Paying the medical bills in part or whole for a youth who wishes to soar but is restricted by his limbs.



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