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Image Source:Yuriy Rzhemovskiy on Unsplash

No, not at all. It has nothing to do with me being associated with English and so reading….. And you’re off track if you state ‘A teacher ought to love books, oughtn’t she?’ I guess any reader, nope anyone can fall in love with the book.

Tuesdays with Morrie’. Haven’t read it? Well most I can say you’re missing something!

Read it ? Would love to know your thoughts around some ideas presented in the book. These are my personal favourites too. Do share what you think, on the Creativbent.

Well this blog is a first one in a series that will bring you a stride closer to getting your copy. The central character, the professor-guru shares his wisdom in what I present as numbered thoughts.

Thought 1: You have nothing if you do not have the support, concern, care and love of family. Love stands supreme and keeps you going.

Would you disagree? No matter how disjointed or dysfunctional a family may seem, come misfortune and family comes together, plugging in the leak-holes, offering the much-needed support. Friends, well-wishers, colleagues, followers, anyone else would definitely come by, visit you, sympathise with you. But family? Well they will give their all when you are in need. They are with you. They empathise, feeling along with you. Take ill, family steps forward. Have an accident/injury/financial woes/relationship troubles? Well who pitches in? It’s the family. Pillars of strength!

Isn’t such togetherness much needed? In this world of rapid strides and sinking values, such love and support would keep us going or else we would perish- if not physically, emotionally!

What do you think?


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