Image:Photo by Kevin LEE on Unsplash


In the last blog we discussed how family is the fulcrum of our lives. Not so? Well how about taking a leaf out of the book ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’.

If family isn’t the spotlight of our lives, then it’s time we shift focus.  Now might be best! Towards Thought 2!

Thought 2: Tenderness comes from togetherness, not money. And togetherness boosts your spirit, you soar.

Can currency or wealth offer the warm hug that mum, dad, brother, sister, spouse or pal can? It warms the cockles of our heart to be encompassed in the secure warmth of two loving arms. Am sure, friends, none of us can confidently vouch that money has brought to us unconditional love. (It could be the other way around, though; we convey such love for money) It would be wonderful to know of folks who declare that they have bought gentleness, tenderness, friendship or even everlasting relationships with the money they have.

Undeniably, money has a place of its own. It would buy us a world of material comfort and we have come to love that best, haven’t we? The bridge of genuine happiness and intimacy that stands on the pillars of sensitivity couldn’t stand long if it were made of paper currency, now could it?

Eagerly awaiting your reflections on this one!


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