Image: Jay Castor on Unsplash

‘Tuesdays with Morrie’, is a reminder of how relationships hold an important place in our lives. How rich and enriched we are when we value these associations and invest more time and effort in nurturing them.

In my last post we explored how money cannot determine or ensure closeness between people, be it family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances. Family should be priority said Thought 1. (link)

Here’s presenting Thought 3!

Thought 3: Our enthusiasm zooms into materialistic things. That has made us deficient in some ways, for this chase which takes us to the finishing line, makes us get back into another race for another something. Doesn’t it? And then another… and the nth! So, what does that sum up to? WE ARE NEVER SATISFIED.

In the process, we ignore the universe around us, the folks who are with us. And what of the loving human relationships? They are taken for granted, aren’t they? People who should matter fade into the screen of wants, desires and material pursuits.

Am I suggesting we give up on earning or our ambitions or even our desire to own the material? Nah! Absolutely not.

My view is very simple-shift focus, realign priorities. People and not possessions should be our priority.

Have somthing to say? I’ll be grateful for your take on making relationships a priority Please share  on Creativbent.


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