Image: Martins Zemlickis on Unsplash

Why did I say what I did in my last post on ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ ?  Here’s the reason presented in

{Hope you have read Thought 1 , Thought 2 }. 

Thought 4: People connect seems to be going minimal. Strange you are bound to say. And me? I respond- it’s ironical that in times when social media has taken over, we have become less social! Proof? How many times are we guilty of hearing but not listening? When family members, friends…. Talk to us sharing their world, have we uh..huh ed our way back into the conversation, having lost track of what was being shared. I claim guilty. And you?

The reason why we do so is because

  1. We are in a hurry, all the time. A million things to do. Work to be completed. Why?
  2. We are thinking about how to get the next car,or the LED TV or that house down the street or even a better job that would enhance prospects of acquiring all this. But at what cost?

Think about it. Doesn’t all this make it seem like we are running all the time, not taking a pause to breathe, to relish what we have attained in the previous leg of the race? That’s what the Professor-guru Morrie had to share with his favourite student! Once we begin the race it’s hard to slow down! It is The Eternal Race!

And it is relationships that take a beating in all this, don’t they?

I am sure you are bursting with views of your own. Shall be obliged if you share them here.


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