A few weeks ago The Consulate was where I was and I shared my experience in this post. This time around I go lyrical.

Image: Victor Lozano on Unsplash
Back again after 3 months at the US Consulate
this time it was to determine my own fate
With trepidation, I stepped into it’s closed womb
which ensconced me more severely than any tomb
No cell phone to share my turbulent thoughts
no WhatsApp messages to offer the supportive wall
Much frisking and questioning put me in awe
of this much- sought land, one can’t easily ignore.
So what was the best bet to bid my time
whilst I stood for a while in this serpentine line?
I chose to observe the folks ahead and around
all stood as if in a stupor, making not a sound
Some smiled nervously, some confident in their gait,
we moved ahead a few places, though at a snails pace.
Others looked uncertain, for it may have been their nth time
to seek that valuable visa, which their destiny would define.
Officers that summoned to kiosks with a wave of the hand,
perhaps unsmiling and firm enough to cause much alarm
Each contestant in this event waited with bated breath
for his turn to arrive at heaven’s gateway or would it be hell?
Voices of some interviewers beyond the glass pane,
boomed rejection and denial, causing a lot of pain.
While others were more tender, beckoning gently,
to one such window of the many I walked most confidently.
Few queries, corresponding replies took me by surprise
the rather timid, nervous me breathed an inward sigh.
(what of the knots within me? They slowly untwined.)
My aching ears grabbed the words for which they had pined
Congratulations! Your visas done. And me? I weakly smiled.


  1. All visas rank very high in the life stories of most of the mortals as outstanding achievements.(Only politicians,even international joker like our brainless Pappu,are exceptions.) American visa is, however, rightly deemed to be a divine boon and you have nicely brought out the fact in your sensitively realistic write-up.

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