Image: Markus Spiske on Unsplash

A few days back when I came out into the street from a public service office, I heard a gentle honk. Without looking back, I hurried across, thinking I was in the way of the vehicle. But the honk seemed to have followed me. Was it lost like Mary’s lamb? Or had the driver lost  it? Intrigued and irked I turned to see the window of a swank BMW roll down.

A friendly “Hi Miss” greeted me.

Beating the glare of the sun, I peered in to see a familiar face of a student of a few years ago. My memory played truant and his name eluded me, to my embarrassment.

But better sense prevailed. “Hi there! How are you doing?” I responded.

“Can I drop you somewhere?” the conversation with the familiar stranger continued.

I paused for a moment taking in the offer, considering the sweltering heat, but not to inconvenience the young lad I thanked him and wished him well and we continued on our respective paths.  An opportunity to ride a grand vehicle lost or a heart filled with gratitude at the gesture?

A small gesture, a kind word and my day had been made. The young chap could have driven away and we wouldn’t have even met, but he chose to stop, seek out and offer help.

Don’t such actions change the trend of the day and thoughts? Little things – Well they are truly BIG! Little Things Matter Most – Mumbai Messenger – The Local Weekly Newspaper, Mumbai Local Newspaper, Local Newspaper of Mumbai



  1. Another lovely write-up.Little things indeed matter not merely matter much,but,in fact, most in life.For our lives are actually a sum total of these so called small things.They sustain it and keep us moving.

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