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It was the 80’s in my last blog post. This one leaps forward by ten years, taking the lyrical form. Some thoughts on the nineties!

The 80’s explored light in my last post

Leaves scope for me to tell you some more

A decade long leap I prefer to choose

It’s the 90’s India I would rather set loose.


A reminder of days when dramatic changes in store

Marked all fields – education, finance, and knowhow

Black and white TV became a device of the past

Walkman, brick-game and cable TV made us smart


Big Babool and Big Fun helped keep competition scores,

And friends whined uncomplainingly dil maange more

Candies many in number came for a mere rupee two

But the tastiest was the rear of the pencil we’d chew.


Hero pen went hand in hand with Chelpark ink

But stains on uniform; our tender heart would sink

Monitors stern would glare at the stubborn, blotted sore

Made us squirm in misery with a look you couldn’t ignore.


House points lost, punishments gained made us realise

Daag ache (nahin) hain, surf powder we would spite

In that emotional turmoil, feelings of flight & fright

Would revive memories of magic & hopes of Simplifly.


Resilient 90’s kid learned to adapt to changes around

In lamplight he would study, load shedding did abound.

Telephone kiosks with Trunk dialling aided quick connect

With that long-distance cousin, you could easily communicate.


Travel, communication, entertainment saw modification,

90’s was a period which brought in India a revolution

The economy liberalised, consumers were spoilt for choice,

Tasting the thunder to become neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride.


The nineties were the age of transition never before seen,

When desh ka namak khana did you proud, not ever been

Step back for some moments into that remarkable zone

Days which gave lots- education, information and mint with a hole.






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