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Shavin’ haven
Such a common sight in Mumbai: a barber, picture of concentration, with the skill of a surgeon, wielding the razor blade delicately , shaving his client’s cheek. Chin firmly in hand, to steer the man’s face to which ever angle he needs to work on, the barbers diligence and single minded focus can really impress an observer.
As a casual passerby in a car, the whole picture looked quite interesting to me.
The roadside barber perched on a goodish sized water pipe, shaving his customer, both of them soaked in the mellow autumn sun whose slanted rays really illuminated them not unlike a frame in an art movie.
Perhaps the barber cursed his luck that he was just a roadside nai, not a hairdresser in one of the upscale salons that dotted that very street.
The customer probably rued the fact that his idea of a pampering personal…

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