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So much on offer. Confusing, perplexing choices. Can we possibly ask for more? Of course we can!

But this call for more is not about stuff available at a surfing glance or click of a mouse! It’s not about extra cheese toppings but about the little sprinkle of condiments that seem to have gradually dissipated and disappeared even as we continue to lunge for the huge, extra coatings. Every one of them available in abundance, both variety and quantity!

Whatever do I mean? I would rather grab the taste makers that tinkle our taste buds and add quality to our culinary experience. It’s the spice that adds flavour, not bulk!

A dollop of love, a dash of loving, an additional serving of bonding, a generous sprinkling of togetherness, and  happiness and good cheer. These are what I refer to when I say I ask for more! I have so much at my disposal. Whether it’s a TV or a fridge, an apparel or a footwear, a restaurant or a take home, a travel experience or a recreation, a social media communique or a phone thing. I have much more than I can use, or even explore in one life time.

But if I do return (that’s when I go!) I would like to spend each living day in the company of people who are happy to be with me, rather than happier to see me take a tumble. When let be is the way forward. Then I would spend each day of my life in true love, the hand in hand kinds when you could sit and stare at the wafting clouds as the breeze caresses your skin. When the worry of placing the most upmarket slice of pie on my plate is not take away from my taste while my buds respond only when they taste sweet vengeance. I would love to be friends with all things beautiful -feelings or people. I would revel in the peace that surrounds me and spend time making peace within, not looking for the pieces of me or others that lie scattered around me. My time would be spent on trusting, believing and drawing closer, over mulling if the carpet under my feet would be pulled and then thinking how to stay safe.

More would then mean more adoration, more fondness, more forgiving, more magnanimity, more generosity, more giving of yourself, more laughter and merriment. more trust and hence more confidence.

Asking for too much, am I? Money, all the savings that I have can’t buy me these. Or can it?

Would love extra-large toppings of each of these bold ones and more to my slice of life. Wouldn’t you?

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