Only human, be humane!

A technosauras (dinosaur at tech) is how I would like to describe myself. Of course, I have a mobile phone (a pixel, mind you!) and a laptop and a smart TV but I ain’t no expert at them. I can use them to do basic stuff, but a slight shift in mode or auto updating and I am stuck. Dunno what to do, how to make good the mistake. I begin to blame the device. Easiest way out, isn’t it?

Keeping this background in mind, please appreciate that one day I thought about converting pictures I had clicked with my google pixel  (used on my blog) into a film. Want to show off my skills ! Geared up with nothing but my indomitable spirit, I google searched to realise doing this was as easy as donning a hat. All I needed was an app download. What did I do? I searched, found movavi which was just too gorgeous to resist. To top it, the site converted my pictures to a gorgeous movie. Proudly share, that I added transitions and effects all on my own! And I clipped the audio to make a perfect match. Great job. As a little kid with a new toy, I decided to find out how to save it so that I could upload to my blog and brag! But nah. It was not to be it. The export of the film required I pay a certain large amount in dollars.

Not to be intimidated, I decided to try again with something and got filmora. remember my never say die spirit? Voila, another great film and it could even be exported…… Oh what a success story! But no. The audio file is way longer than the visual could not clip with the scissor. Why? Had to register and become a paid member. Outcome a fine film with an elongated audio AND the filmora water mark running across. But I have to share it. And the extra music, it’s too help you get through with the blog too….

Totally not unhappy or awkward at sharing this with you. All I plead is bear with me.  I might just surprise you one day.

Have suggestions? Would love to hear them. Please type them in the comment section below for the benefit of a trailing fellow blogger.

P.S. The third site I found and decided to use, my laptop saw red and refused to let me download as it had security issues. Why don’t I buy it? Got to earn some before I spend now, don’t I?

P.P.S. IRONY: My google pixel converts photos to a film!!!!!

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