Having made a choice, rather several choices, I choose three ways to stay happy. I quit my job to step into the writing world and am mostly home alone with my Golden retriever for company. Lots of time you would say; lots of loneliness I’d respond for a teacher of over two score years. I do miss their teenage company, but have opted to catch up on things I couldn’t manage to do. So what keeps me happy?

  1. My walks which give me time to observe, think and then create.
  2. My conversations with myself which tell me that I should try and do good, be good, no matter what the person across thinks or feels. (Won’t deny I keep pulling myself out of doldrums, now and again)
  3. My writing which I do diligently, consistently, despite the falling numbers visiting my blog. I am blessed to have those who drop by. I value their company. Thanks for keeping me happy.

Simple ways to keep me going! And you? What makes you taste the nectar of joy?


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