My happiness
Shared thoughts!

A whats app share, this quote caught my eye and stirred emotions of the write-kind. My last happiness blog talked what I do stay happy. In the excitement I missed the heading (Title) of the blog.

Ridiculous! Careless! is what I may hear. Blissful and human is how I respond! I realised my happiness error when I got the email alert about the blog. Happy for despite the mistake, the blog was read!

What’s this one about? This one shares 3 reasons why I do all that I said in my previous post.

  1. Walks help shed my weight- the physical and the mental umm emotional ones. Feel lighter and fitter in body and mind. Walks sort me out! Thoughts are clear and fluid then. Writing begins…. Inline image
  2. What another thinks or feels is their perspective and folks are allowed to have them. But should I let that kill me or my happiness which eats into my writing time? This implies very little writing; being unfair to my readers that one isn’t it?  Inline image  No practise, no portfolio, no work, not even the tiny assignments popping up now and again. Phew! That’s quite a weight!  Inline imageInline image
  3. Writing is akin to sharing what stirs within me. It coughs up buried thoughts and ideas and is the beacon that lights my path ahead (which seemed to have descended into an abyss with my teaching career). Writing makes me happy. A happiness zone-listening to myself.  Nope nothing, no one decides my happiness. Just me and my desk and laptop.

My happiness rests with me and yours… with you?

Hope you agree! Inline image



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