6 things Happy folks do….

Ture happinessHappy about being you, and doing stuff you would like to do, not really worrying yourself sick about what others say? Well done!

We are on the road to happiness! Let’s travel together and see what others do.  Let’s reach beyond me happiness.

The poster above explicitly tells us what happy people do. Let’s interpret what they do:

  1. Look ahead in life. Looking back spells R-E-G-R-E-S-S-I-O-N.
  2. Change brings new and newness brings joy!
  3. Remember don’t get affected by what others say and think!
  4. Be good and good returns.
  5. Speak up but don’t look down; take risks but be smart.
  6. To receive pats, give them generously. It breeds joy.

We are in the happiness zone if we can be happy for others.

Let’s celebrate Happiness!

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