Debate: Which one should we consider while granting admissions or hiring-IQ or EQ?

IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is the better of the two, for it spells success! Howzzat? It’s intelligence that sifts the brilliant from the good, average from the not worth considering. Tell me, which Institute/ Organisation would like to absorb and accept anything other than the best? Reputation is at stake and it’s a fight to the top out there! So, the most intelligent are the best!

That’s what one stream thinks. And the other? Well they go a mushy. Not literally so!

For them it’s EQ (Emotional Quotient)! Ah! that sounds more my kind!  Emotions define a man. All humans are social animals. They can’t really work in isolation, can they? Single handed working , not that great. Working in teams wonderful.  Learn to adapt to others around you. Emotions vary! No clones or identical folks with symmetrical reactions…If so, a boring symmetrical world it would be. Hmmmm. Just intelligence. Oh no! That won’t bring results!  Toss in some feelings as well. Yours and your co-workers. Yours and your team members! Yours and fellow class mates! And do your feelings tally? It would be great if you make them converge. In a nutshell, express emotions and even better, gauge feelings of others, respect them, value them and finally use them to your advantage. Productive consequences! Convenient! EQ is the way…

However, should there be so much hype around EQ and IQ? Is there something more pertinent today, much above these much-hyped facets? There is! It’s called El Q


I know it’s a self-coined acronym but, wouldn’t you readily agree with me that ethics is the need of the hour in every area of life and living!

And this El Q would demand the ability to think and feel simultaneously!

I strongly feel, ETHICS is an urgent requirement! My vote goes to El Q.


Look around. Choose any area of life, as an example – Sports, Education, Politics, Corporate World, Films…. or even day to day living. Need I list more? How often do we come face to face with ethical folks willing to do the right, accept and acknowledge those better than them? We have a raging contagion. A syndrome that seems to be ballooning to massive proportions- The I, Me, Myself disease is on the rise. Ethics takes a back seat, doesn’t it?  My work ought to get done, the rest is unimportant. To get ahead and stay there folks step on toes, actually plod on other’s feet, climb over their shoulder and feel great about their achievement. Would this happen if we are sensitive to folks?

Vendors/ store-keepers in the zeal to earn quick bucks indulge in malpractices. Boss in an office, posts stooges to sneak out the secret success formula of rival firms. The student considers unfair means as the quickest path to success. And his educator would rather earn more than learn and teach more! Bridges and buildings collapse, because designers and engineers would rather upgrade their Bank accounts than their surroundings. We rise monetarily, but fall as a human! If El Q becomes a more sought-after quality in aspirants to jobs, the world would better itself. One of my posts was titled the rising Fall. That’s what living has come to.

What has brought me to write this? Ethics! Rather the lack of it.  A nouveau writer, I recently changed my career, bagged writing assignments soon after and write ever after! Right? Incorrect! Disenchanted at the struggles with payment. Isn’t it truly embarrassing to keep asking?

3 reasons why I wouldn’t really want to ask again and again and again….

  1. I feel like a beggar! Asking for what is rightfully mine.
  2. I feel cheated and demeaned!
  3. Isn’t it the receiver’s responsibility to ensure payment is made?

My thoughts- I have done my part and you like it, do yours now, please!

It wasn’t just anyone but a person on a professional website who offered the job. What’s my status update: Struggling to elicit a response from the person in question. Outcome: Zilch!

Been there, done that? Tackled tough customers? Do guide a novice. Suggestions invited here.


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