Translations are a great way to understand beautiful words said in different languages of the world. We would otherwise be a little less enriched, wouldn’t we? To draw out the nuances and exact emotions inherent in the words is a challenge.

Do watch the video and to connect better with it, please read my maiden attempt at shall we say, translation and transliteration!

(The video presents ideas in the form of separate sentences. Have tried my best to do justice!)

Speak gentle, kind! The word you speak could heal or may cause grievous hurt. Speak good.

What is destined will come rushing towards you; what is not meant for you will slip way, even if it seems it’s within reach!

The Almighty does not approve of harsh words. Hence our tongue doesn’t have a single bone; it is soft, gentle. (How true!)

The moment arrogance about your stature and achievements sets in, visit a cremation/ burial ground. (Reality Check).

But the moment you wish to make a connect with God, feed a person who is hungry!

When your nose is in the air and you feel immense pride in your massive strength, make a trip to an old age home.

However, if you wish to bow your head in reverence, spend time and serve your parents.

We are born with a tongue since it’s tender, soft; but we get teeth much after our birth and lose them before we die because they are harsh/hard. (They bite!)

If you consider yourself small in the larger scheme of things (are humble), you stay blessed. Even a mother does not let you sit in her lap when you grow big!

You may feel troubled by your fate and your spouse, but if they are on your side, a sea change is bound to occur in your life.


If you seek love, you need to surrender all.

If you want confidence, you need to have faith/trust.

If you need togetherness, you ought to dedicate time.

Has anyone assured you that relationships are built for free (require no effort)? Even the air we breathe isn’t free!

Only when you release a breath, can you take in one.

Beautiful words these, aren’t they? Hope they stirred you the way I was!



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