Image Source :Timothée Mägli on Unsplash

Two decades. Really? Had it been that long since we had met? Time flies. No, no, no, that’s an understatement. It whizzes at twice the speed of light. At least that’s what we thought on re-connecting. Who? Friends!

Two score years! But it hadn’t been that bad. Occasional phone chats had helped us stay kind of tuned in to each other’s lives. We would certainly manage to create a rough sketch of the interim years that had elapsed since our last meeting in Chandigarh, twenty years ago. Us? We had been skipping jobs and cities, criss-crossing the country. They? Had found peace and contentment in their native city, Chennai. That’s where our friends (who had found a place in the deep recesses of our memories) had arrived from, to meet us in Mumbai.

A pair of couples, we, who were brought together the first time, because of our respective spouse’s common work-place, we went on to become good friends. Remained in touch., infrequently.  But life’s dizzying pace, prevented us from meeting. A time lag, but not a chasm!

However, good friends link. Immediately. It’s like an automation, a switch that flicks on, the moment friends meet; the years of separation melt into the chatter of yesteryears and current happenings. Memory. Nostalgia. Happy reunion. It was fabulous to meet after such a long gap.

No surprises in this meeting. It was a planned visit! But the joys of re-connecting and realising that not much had changed, was immense! Our collective realisation? We were the same, had remained so with each other. Just as comfortable as we had been when we connected the first time in the northern part of India. Our vastly apart cultures, divergent geographical locations and the elapsed time could have built an opaque screen betwixt us, didn’t seem to have arisen at all. No awkwardness, right from the moment we met. No sense of unease or discomfort. Instead, oodles of warmth, bonhomie and tonnes of pure and simple joy!

It’s not that difficult to build and maintain relationships, is it? If we keep it simple, straightforward, there is no mess! This reunion with friends taught me a valuable lesson-

Distance, time and diversity cannot alienate people, only an inflated ego of aloofness can!

Reconnecting is uncomplicated, distancing truly complex!

Loving is easy; hating complicated.

A joyous reunion had whispered a valuable lesson of life!



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